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Every Toyota, from the largest truck to the most compact car, has one thing in common: It is backed with extraordinary caring, all the way.

Caring begins with quality craftsmanship, technological innovation and highly trained technicians and staff, but that's just the start. Because, more than that, we care about delivering superior service to our customers all the way down the road, proud to uphold the legendary reputation of Toyota as providing the most reliable vehicles in the land.

The ToyotaCare offerings enable us to demonstrate our commitment to caring and prolonging your joy of ownership.


What is a ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan?


Most Toyota vehicles come out with a standard manufacturer's Service Plan. There are two types of plans: 5 years/90 000km and 4 years/60 000km, depending on the model. A ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan enables you to select the additional number of services that suit your travelling needs, to a maximum of 200 000km. The year parameter can be extended. The extended plan covers scheduled service costs.

How does an upgrade Service Plan save you money?


You pay for tomorrow's costs at today's rate, making it a valuable and affordable investment. You are not exposed to increased labour or parts prices for the duration of the contract.

Which items are covered in the ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan?


As with the manufacturer's Service Plan, the ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan will cover service parts and labour used in accordance with the specified Toyota Service Schedule. When you take your Toyota for a service during the specified period of the ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan, you will not pay for the following:

                      • Oil, oil filters and sump plug gaskets
                      • Spark plugs
                      • Brake fluid
                      • Remote control batteries
                      • Labour charges for the services specified in the Book of Life
                      • Air filters
                      • Fuel filters
                      • Consumables or sundry charges
                      • Long-life coolant

    May I purchase a manufacturer's Service Plan or ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan if the vehicle was not issued with a manufacturer's Service Plan?


    Yes. A ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan may be added at any time, within the parameters of the product offering.

    May I purchase a ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan on an Automark vehicle, or after the normal manufacturer's Service Plan elapses?


    Yes. A ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan may be added to an Automark vehicle, as well as to a new vehicle after the normal manufacturer's Service Plan expires.

    What happens if I sell my vehicle?


    The policy stays with the vehicle, the cost recovery can be done within the sale price of the vehicle as an added extra.

    Should I have a question with an active ToyotaCare Extended Service Plan, who do I contact?


    Please contact your Service Advisor at our dealership. You may also WhatsApp our Service Manager by following this link.

    What is a ToyotaCare Extended Warranty?


    Unlike other warranties on the market, the ToyotaCare Extended Warranty is a genuine extension of the original manufacturer's warranty. A ToyotaCare Extended warranty covers your Toyota for:

                      • Covers you against mechanical failure repairs after your existing warranty expires
                      • Provides you with Roadside Assistance
                      • Increases your vehicle's residual value
                      • Has no limit on components covered

    What is covered under a ToyotaCare Extended Warranty?


    Some examples of the major categories covered are, but not limited to:

                      • Engine
                      • Fuel System Transmission
                      • Driveshafts & Axles Bearings
                      • Steering
                      • Brakes
                      • Engine cooling
                      • Alternator
                      • Regulator
                      • Starter & Solenoid
                      • Air Conditioning
                      • Engine Management Systems
                      • Gaskets

    How do I qualify for a ToyotaCare Extended Warranty?


    Our range of ToyotaCare Extended Warranty packages cater for all Toyota vehicles, new or used, which are younger than 6 years, and have no more than 220 000km on the odometer.

    If the vehicle is still within the standard manufacturer's warranty period, an extension to 4 years/150 000km, 5 years/180 000km or 6 years/unlimited km can be added to the existing warranty.

    If the standard manufacturer's warranty has elapsed, a 2 years/220 000km ToyotaCare Extended Warranty can be purchased.

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